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Why women?

At the age of 21 I was living with my mother who was going through a bitter divorce.

One day as I watched her cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, it struck me how she seemed to have lost her usual spirit and the spark in her eyes.

I didn't recognize her anymore.

You see, my mother has a big heart.

She's always taken care of others.

Often times, forgetting herself and putting to the side her dreams.

I started noticing how many women show the same altruism.

They give, give, give. 

They put their own needs, desires and dreams second to someone else’s .

If there's one message that I hope will resonate with you it's the following :


Start making your own health and well-being a priority.

You'll be amazed at how it makes life more enjoyable and how it gives you an even greater capacity to GIVE ❤️! 

-Philippe Trottier

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