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5 Spring time Rituals for Growth with Claudine Langlois

Spring is the perfect reminder that just like flowers, you have the power to grow & reach towards the sun. We sat down with our ambassador @ClaudineLanglois, the creator behind DoshaYoga to talk about all things self-care and to get her 5 best tips on how to bloom into the best version of yourself this spring.


1. Move it !

With every new beginning, there is a need to clear out old, negative and stagnant energy. Exercise is a great way to clear out unwanted energy stored in the body, loosen up and have some fun! I like to stretch or dance early in the morning between 6-9am !


2. Add some spice to your life

During the spring melt – it’s normal to feel tired & heavy. If you’re struggling to feel energized, then it’s time to add a little spice to your life.

Go on that adventure that’s been sitting on your bucket list for a while or switch up your daily routine to help get you out of your comfort zone ( brushing your teeth with music, getting out of bed a different way each morning, starting a new sport…).

Take it from a girl who’s realizing a lifetime dream & just joined a month long Circus School in London!

To boost my energy, I also love sprinkling spice on my food (such as curry, cardamom, pepper, paprika, cinnamon…)


3. Matcha

When everything is damp, dull and gray outside, it’s the perfect time to add a healthy stimulant to your day to brighten your mood & kick your energy up a notch. When I drink my Teangle, I see the world through pink tinted glasses!


4. Deep Breathing

Daily breathing exercises are a great way to activate your immune system. Lately, I've been starting my day with the Wim Hof method to kickstart my energy in the morning.

I also love the Breath of Fire which stimulates your nervous system by increasing your body’s temperature.


5. Bring on the cold!!

If you're thinking: "Are you crazy? We just finished winter!".

Cold thermogenesis means exposing your body to cold so that your body must increase its heat production to remain warm. In simple terms, this means decreased inflammation, improved sleep, more mental focus & energy!

I’ve been loving starting the day with a 5-10 minute cold shower and eating a raw diet.

Get to know Claudine

Occupational therapist also trained in osteopathy, yoga, meditation, reiki, kundalini, NLP, tantra and Ayurveda, her mission is to help you find your purpose. 

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